Who handles trash removal for Versant?

The City of Woodfin Environmental Services handles trash collection. Johnny Brooks is the Director and his number is (828)645-7063

HOA Specific Items

Why do we have Design and Construction Guidelines?

The purpose of the Versant guidelines is to encourage a high standard of architectural design and require a reasonable level of uniformity throughout the community to assure your investment in this community and your property value is protected.  Our design guidelines promote the vision of Versant as a community of homes built within the context of the natural beauty of our wooded mountain slopes. 

If you have ever lived in a community without design restrictions you may have experienced the situation where one house is beautifully designed and maintained and the house next door at one point added on a prefabricated steel RV garage or is covered with cheap aluminum siding. These are extreme examples, but underscore the importance of design guidelines.

Design guidelines are one of the most important ways of maintaining property values and promoting quiet enjoyment of your home and property. 

Why do we have so much trouble with the gates and who do I call to report a problem?

 There are multiple answers to this question.  There are two gates: one for construction traffic/large trucks, and one for passenger cars.  Both gates are fairly light duty and would be more appropriate for much smaller communities. The construction gate has been damaged several times by large trucks associated with the construction traffic.  The smaller main entrance gate is of poor design as it was shoehorned into a small enclosed space.  Some of the mechanicals are below grade and are subject to flooding and the accumulation of debris, which both impact the performance and operation of the gates.  To replace the main entrance gates would be very expensive due to the cost of better equipment and redesigning the very tight space. 

Should there be problems with the gates, gate codes, remotes etc, please call our management company: R & P Management at (828) 699 7011.

Can the Versant board change the covenants as they want?

No, the board cannot just make changes to the convenants.  Any changes to this document require approval by a majority of the property owners.


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